Monday, January 23, 2006


Above | Yohji Yamamoto garment | Photograph: Nick Knight

Now you have the original pattern of a certain garment. It is hard to see what it is just looking at it. The fabric should be some kind of wool... Then, you have the photo that tells you a little bit more. Take a close look at the symbols that are inscribed on the pattern. They are important leads to construct the garment. Now, spread your imagination and good luck!
Yohji Yamamoto, May 2002

I was really excited to find this pattern produced by Yohji Yamamoto --- "a certain garment" with construction dictated by symbols that one is supposed to figure out with your pre-existing knowledge about sewing from patterns (eg. dots that indicate dart placement, lines indicating seams).
I guess you could say i'm now inspired. Stay tuned for my version of "a certain garment".

Above | Garment by Min Lee, South Korea; via


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